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Product Testing Of Plumbtech Water Faucet Manufacturers

Plumbtech faucet factory 100% testing of faucet products is a quality assurance process that ensures each unit meets specific standards and functions properly before it reaches the consumer. Ensuring the reliability, safety, and quality of each unit, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and a stronger brand reputation.

Ningbo Plumbtech Trade Co., Ltd.

1. More than 30+ years of professional wholesale taps suppliers experience.
2. Our water faucet manufacturers can produces 2000,00+ pcs a month,40million+ annual output, 37000m² factory area
3. Obtained many patent,certification for Europe,South America market (CE,ISO9001,CUPC,ICCES).
4. Very good experience to provide kitchen, bathroom solutions to hotel projects, villa projects, distributors and OEM service.
5. 100% inspection, make sure there is no leakage before packing.
6. 6000+ square meter warehouse for storage

Industry knowledge expansion of Products

A faucet, also known as a tap, is a device used to control the flow of water from a plumbing system. water faucet manufacturers are essential components in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where water is needed. 
Types of Faucets: Kitchen Faucets, Bathroom Sink Faucets, Shower Faucets, Bathtub Faucets, Laundry/Utility Faucets, Outdoor Faucets
Components of a Faucet: Spout, Handles, Valve, Aerator, Mounting Hardware, Escutcheon
Materials and Finishes: Brass, Stainless Steel, Zinc Alloy, Plastic (ABS), Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Matte Black, Polished Brass
Features: Touchless Operation, Touch-Activated Controls, Pull-Down and Pull-Out Sprayers, Magnetic Docking, LED Indicators, Water Filtration. 
Types of Valve Cores: Schrader Valve Core, Presta Valve Core, Faucet Valve Core, Industrial Valve Core
Materials: Brass, Stainless Steel, Plastic (Nylon, ABS), Rubber Seals
Features: Anti-Leak Design, Pressure Regulation, Temperature Resistance, Quick-Release Mechanism
Types of Bathroom Cabinets: Wall-Mounted Cabinets, Freestanding Cabinets
Materials and Finishes: Wood, Metal, Glass, Laminate, Plastic
Popular Styles: Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional, Rustic, Industrial, Coastal
Features: Soft-Close Doors and Drawers, Integrated Lighting, Adjustable Shelving, Built-In Outlets and USB Ports, Built-In Outlets and USB Ports, Pull-Out Organizers
Types of Toilets: Two-Piece Toilets, One-Piece Toilets, Wall-Mounted Toilets, Tankless Toilets, Composting Toilets, Portable Toilets
Components of a Toilet: Bowl, Tank, Flushing Mechanism, Seat and Lid, Trapway, Wax Ring
Materials and Finishes: Vitreous China, Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Plastic
Innovative Features: Dual-Flush Mechanisms, Bidet Functionality, Automatic Flushing, Heated Seats, Deodorizing Systems, Smart Toilets
Types of Shower Screens: Fixed Shower Screens, Sliding Shower Screens, Hinged Shower Screens, Bi-Fold Shower Screens, Pivot Shower Screens, Frameless Shower Screens, Semi-Frameless Shower Screens
Materials and Finishes: Glass, Acrylic, Metal (Frames)
Features: Easy-Clean Coatings, Anti-Shatter Technology, Anti-Shatter Technology, Sliding and Soft-Close Mechanisms.
Plumbtech faucet factory has what you need sanitary ware, whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

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